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Free curated resources, mapped to the National Curriculum.

After School Clubs

A directory of the best STEM related after-school clubs.

Computing FAQs

Best practice on Planning, Assessment and Teaching the new Computing Curriculum.

Help & FAQs

Tutorials and training guides to get you started.


Journey Browser

Browse and adapt Learning Journeys from educational providers.


Journey Editor

Create or adapt your own Learning Journeys


Plan Your Curriculum

Schedule Learning Journeys and understand your curriculum coverage.

Coming Spring


Record Attainment & Progress

Record learners' progress along Learning Journeys.

Coming Spring

Browse Reports

Generate reports and browse graphs by Student, Class or Journey.

Coming Spring

Export Data

Export CSV data.

Coming Spring



Manage your settings and subscriptions.

Manage Students

Import learner data into your school roster.

Coming Spring

Manage Classes

Organise learners into classes and assign teachers.

Coming Spring

Instituation Subscriptions
Launching Spring 2018

Organise your curriculum and transform assessment with the Magpie App.

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