Robotics Integration & Coding Kit

Take the secondary school coding experience into the real world.

The only affordable kit on the market that provides limitless real-world experiences, all while meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum.

The kit is based on the EZ-Robot Adventure Bot, one of the most powerful and flexible educational robotic kits on the market. Adventure-Bot is a 2 wheeled robot built using clip together parts for simplicity and speed. It features a camera capable of recognising shapes and colours.

The Adventure-Bot connects to controllers via WiFi making a stable and reliable connection while at the same time allowing it to connect to internet services such as Twitter and Microsoft’s AI servers, making it infinitely expandable. The ‘bot can be programmed in a wide range of languages including Scratch, Blockly, Javascript and Python.

The kit also includes a 3D printer that can be used both to print replacement parts for the Adventure-Bot and to design and create completely new pieces.

In The Box

Robotics & Machine Vision

EZ Robot - Adventure Bot

3D Printing

XYZ- Junior

Adventure-Bot from EZ-Robot

For Teachers

The Adventure-Bot will extend your coding lessons from the computer screen into the physical world. Able to use the languages like Scratch and Python that are in widespread use in schools the Adventure-Bot lets you create challenges that visually engage students and have real world analogies.

The Adventure-Bot can be programmed using a either a Windows, iOS or Android device.


The Adventure-Bot is powered by the EZ-Robot EZ-B robotics controller, this powerful controller can control 24 servos, connect to up to 8 analogue devices and 3 high speed serial ports.

It has dual processors, one that looks after the control and video functions, the other to deal with communications.

The ‘bot is powered by a Lithium Polymer battery and all physical components can be 3D printed.

For Students

This mighty robot can sing, dance and even tell if you are happy or sad. Better yet you can program it in your favourite language, pretty much anything from Scratch to C++.

You can use a 3D printer to modify the ‘bot, either by changing the colour of the parts or adding whole new functionality such as a dozer blade, a scoop or a shield.

Adventure-Bot not only can be programmed to move and follow instructions, it can also use Machine Vision and AI to understand its surroundings and communicate what it sees.

XYZ DaVinci Junior Pro Printer

For Teachers

The XYZ Junior Printer is a compact device designed for simplicity and safety. All moving parts including the filament reel are enclosed in the case of the printer and the print bed uses a tape system to hold the object being printed steady.

The maximum object print size is 15cm x15cm x 15cm making it ideal for creating objects to work with the Adventure-Bot.


The software with the printer handles most types of 3D files including STL files.

For Students

Using software such as TinkerCAD (free) you can create all kinds of things from machines to medallions. Download files from the internet and modify them to print!