Our Story

Magpie Education draws on the expertise of educators, school leaders and academics. Built by teachers for teachers, with the goal of inspiring the next generation of STEM innovators.

Winning an Innovate UK R&D Grant, Magpie Education has partnered with the Learning Foundation to help UK teachers in tackling the challenges around teaching Computing and the use of EdTech in the classroom.

Magpie Education’s “Planning & Assessment Tool” was born out of Mark Dorling’s PhD research at Queen Mary University of London. Mark’s research into concept maps; his work on the Computing National Curriculum and 100’s of conversations with teachers has driven innovation.


Expert Educators

Our expert teachers bring with them years of experience in the class-room and building curriculum.

STEM Partners

Magpie have partnered with the best EdTech manufactures to make a difference in your school.

World class educational robotics kits from Canada that feature AI, machine vision and machine learning.
SAM Labs
The SAMLabs kits are a combination of physical and virtual blocks that connect to your system via Bluetooth.
XYZ Printing
XYZ produce the widest range of affordable, compact, plug and play 3D printers on the market.
Pi-Top uses Raspberry Pi to power a laptop. It comes with a breakout board that lets students carry out electronics experiments.
Developing environment solutions since 2004 and are now supplied in over 20 countries around the world.
Wonder Workshop
Designers and creators of the hugely successful Dash and Dot Primary School robots, headquartered in California.
Microsoft AI services, provide an insight into machine vision, sentiment analysis and text interpretation.

EdTech Partners

We've partnered with EdTech providers to bring the best technology to the classroom.

Our Partners