v2.3 - Green Kiwi

Release Notes

04 July 2018

  • Introduced searching on the Journey Browser and added a new Magpie Author section.
  • Added lesson counts to the Journey Browser
  • New rich-text editor for Journey & Lesson descriptions
  • Customise whether you want links opening in a new tab
  • Publish your own Learning Journeys to the community. Journeys will be moderated by the core team.
  • Django 2.0 upgrade and security fixes

Release 2.3.1

13 July 2018

  • Improved typography and layouts
  • Security patches

Release 2.3.2

21 August 2018

  • Upload files and links in the Journey Editor
  • Added swirly spinners while the server is thinking
  • Long descriptions are truncated by default, with a button that will expand to show the whole text
  • Improved sub-menu bar for quicker navigation

Release 2.3.3

24 September 2018

  • Add keystage filtering on Journey Browser
  • New navigation layout
  • Add recaptcha protection
  • Improved scrolling
  • Addedd BETT 2019 to homepage
  • Added Recent Articles to Homepage