This is STEAM
Paul Smith-Keitley
26 September 2018

The buggy in the photo was built my 6 year old daughter at Enginuity Museum in Ironbridge. It epitomises STEAM.

  • Science is represented by the way the buggy was powered, using gravity on a shallow grade slope.
  • Technology is represented by the use of large narrow wheels, creating a vehicle with low rolling resistance.
  • Engineering is represented by the use of small pieces of drinking straw placed on the axle between the wheel and the base to act as a bush to reduce the friction between the wheel and the base.
  • Art is represented by the coloured foil used to customise the vehicle.
  • Mathematics is represented by the ability to calculate the vehicle’s speed by timing how long it took to travel a specific distance.

FYI, by using the bushes on the axles this vehicle was not only the fastest on the day, but also smashed the distance record (which stood at 9 meters) by more than 7 meters. proving that Engineering counts!