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Add Art To STEM Education And Get STEAM

Full STEM Ahead! Why art and why now?

British Robotics Seed Fund invests in Magpie Education

AI driven lesson planning and assessment tool secures £300,000 to encourage uptake of STEM subjects in the UK

Safer Internet Day 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018 will take place on Tuesday 6th February with the theme ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect: a better internet starts with you.’

Taking a second look at the learn-to-code craze

Past efforts to teach American students computer skills haven't always helped workers get better-paying jobs. But spending on hardware and software for schools has certainly enriched tech companies.

After School Coding Clubs

Discovering After School Code Clubs and how to get the most out of them.

Technology can help kids learn, but only if parents and teachers are involved

A study in to motivating students to learn physics.

Why the very idea of ‘screen time’ is muddled and misguided

Technology enables many ways of interacting. We need to be more specific and scientific.

Robots likely to be used in classrooms as learning tools, not teacher

Robots are increasingly being used to teach students in the classroom for a number of subjects across science, maths and language. But our research shows that while students enjoy learning with robots, teachers are slightly reluctant to use them in the classroom.

Ada Lovelace blazed a trail in science – we need more women to follow in her footsteps

Lovelace showed great insight into her subject and for that she's still a hero to others.

How to keep more girls in IT at schools if we’re to close the gender gap

Too many girls are missing out on learning IT and computer programming skills that could serve them well in the future economy.