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Creating curriculum tools for teachers to inspire the next generation of STEM innovators

Our platform supports teachers by integrating the best in class resources and the latest educational technology. We aspire to better educational outcomes and to equip students with the skills for the modern workplace.

Our Team

Educators, developers and innovators.

Laurence Ellis


A successful innovator who has pioneered new approaches in Education Services, Medical Services and Aircraft manufacturing. A long term interest in Education born out of 20 years in providing services in the education sector and as an employer of those with STEM qualifications.

Dominic Keen


Dominic is a successful British entrepreneur and founder of Britbots. Having previously floated the software business that he founded on the London Stock Exchange, he now helps exciting ventures to maximise their growth potential. His fascination with all things robotic drives an impassioned evangelism of the field.

Somesh Selvachandran


Somesh built electronic trading systems for Morgan Stanley, before leaving to co-found Innovate My Curriculum and Talking Circles. He enjoys pouring his passion for computing into projects to help teachers in the classroom and get more kids coding.

Mark Chambers

Strategy Lead & Non-Exec Director

Ex-CEO of Naace. Motivated by Learning, Education Technology (EdTech), Impact & School Improvement, Life, Faith, Family, Friends, Colleagues & Place.

Mark Dorling


Mark is the former National CPD Coordinator for Computing At School, but is best known for his work in the Digital Schoolhouse project at Langley Grammar School. He is a primary-trained teacher with many years of both primary and secondary teaching, teacher training, commercial educational training and industry experience.

We want everyone to have a high quality and inspiring STEM education.

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